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There isn't a great deal of information out on the internet regarding Chrysler sailboats, as Chrysler stopped building boats back in 1980.

However, there continues to be a great demand for Chrysler-related information considering the number of Chrysler owners out there. To help satisfy that demand, Rik Sneeuwjagt designed and built this site.

Rik sailed Child's Play, a 1978 Chrysler 26 with full keel, on the Chesapeake. Child's Play was ultimately lost to a hurricane, much Rik's spare time was lost to other interests and obligations, and the site content was lost to a hiccup at Geocities. A dark period ensued. In 2006, Jeff Arnfield (s/v Windward) took the metaphorical halyard from Rik and hoisted (and hosted) the content's fabric at www.lizards.net, with Rik remaining involved as a frequent contact, correspondent and consultant.

This site is dedicated to Chrysler sailboats and will continue to evolve as I gather more information about these intrepid sailing vessels.

I'd like to thank all those who have visited the site and had their names added to the Chrysler Owner's List. If you are a Chrysler owner and your name isn't listed, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

I'm still looking for more sailing stories and photos, so feel free to send them as well!

I've tried to expand this site to include information for all Chryslers sailboats. If you have any documentation, pictures, or other information for your Chrysler sailboat that you don't see on this website and would like to share with the Chrysler sailing community at large, please contact the webmaster at chryslersailing@lizards.net or click on the "e-mail" button in the left frame.

Thanks for visiting this website! Drop Jeff a line at chryslersailing@lizards.net if this site is useful to you, or to let him know of any errors or mistakes you may find on any of the pages. Though busy with family and other commitments, Rik still enjoys hearing from the many folks who've benefited from this site, so drop Rik a note if the spirit moves you.

Fair Winds, Following Seas and Warmest Regards,

Rik Sneeuwjagt (site originator, founder and a dedicated Chrysler sailor even without his Chrysler)

Jeff Arnfield (sitemaster, s/v Windward (1978 Chrysler 26))


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