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Due to several requests from Chrysler owners and wannabees, Rik Sneeuwjagt initially created his page to serve as a forum for buying and selling Chrysler boats and equipment. A labor of love, it was manually updated as time permitted, and brought together many Chrysler sailors, sailboats and parts.

Problem is, people with something to sell, or a pressing need for a specific item, need quick turnaround, and my current schedule and priorities don't permit me to offer that sort of rapid response. It's not fair to you, the Chrysler sailing community, to leave the Exchange in limbo, so I'm going to make some basic changes to better serve everyone. Rather than attempting to keep up with individual "I've got" / "I Want" ads, I'll be focusing the exchange on purveyors actively making parts specifically for Chrysler sailboats, such as tillers, tables, rudders and the like. Such equipment ads tend to be less volatile then one-off items normally found in want ads.

If you have a Chrysler boat, or related gear, to sell, or want to buy something, I invite you to use the self-service, interactive forums at Once you register (follow the simple directions on the site), you can post your ads for yourself and annotate them when the item(s) you had for sale are sold. There's also a "wanted" section, where you can post your wish lists. You'll also find a thriving on-line community for regulars with whom to exchange lies ideas and information.


I really don't want to post any legal nonsense, but I guess I have to protect myself. That said, here's my disclaimer:

The Chrysler Exchange was intended as a place to trade boats and equipment. That purpose is now better served by a variety of self-service options. The developer (me) and service provider (GoDaddy) of the Chrysler Exchange assume no responsibility for damages or injury which may be caused from acting upon any of the information, expressed or implied, within this website.

This page last updated on Monday, October 5, 2015.